Gangga is Trapped and “Dreamin’ of You”

Gangga released his new single, “Dreamin’ of You” after releasing “Empty House” in March. Known for his acoustic music with a melancholy atmosphere, Gangga now presents a musical color that feels different from before with music that is more up-beat.

“Dreamin’ of You”, tells about someone who is trapped with his own feelings. Someone who wants to express their feelings for other people, but the circumstances that make this desire only become wishful thinking and dreams.

He realizes that the feeling of love growing within him is a feeling that cannot be calculated beforehand. He is also trapped in his own feelings making him unable to do anything, but only dreams about the person he loves.

The last part of “Dreamin’ of You”, contains a hope that the person he loves will know and return his feelings, so he doesn’t have to keep dreaming of that person anymore, as portrayed in lyrics: ‘I blame myself for loving you, but I want that to be true I wish you / You’ll come along / So I don’t have to keep dreamin’ of you’.

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The song, which was produced by Petra Sihombing, was written and recorded in 2 days. Because it was based on Gangga’s personal experience, the process of creating this song was completed in a short time.

Through “Dreamin’ of You”, Gangga hopes that listeners who are in the same situation can feel connected to this song. The song “Dreamin’ of You” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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