Cut Keysha is Emotional in Her First Single ‘Kedua Kali’

Cut Keysha has now released her debut solo single entitled ‘Kedua Kali’ after releasing a duet single with Dara entitled ‘Antara Kau & Aku’. The musician who has loved singing since she was young wants to take music seriously because that is her goal. “I started to like singing from kindergarten, at first I just listened to music, then I liked singing for a long time,” said Cut Keysha. “Then when I was in 5th or 6th grade, I just started taking vocal lessons seriously,” added her. 

For her debut solo single, Cut Keysha tried to present a story that could be related to many people. “This song tells about the feelings of someone who is left behind because their partner is unfaithful and prefers someone else. When trying to move on, the unfaithful partner comes flirting back. So, the point is that the one whose heart is hurt does not want to be hurt a second time,” she said. Cut Keysha feels that many people out there feel what she said in singles. For that, she also provides tips for those who can’t move on. 

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“My way is usually to find other activities such as new hobbies, studying, just positive things. Then also having fun with friends, traveling or playing together. You’ll move on eventually. Cheer up!” she added. ‘Kedua Kali’ is composed by Denise Julia and Jerricoev who also serves as the producer. In addition, Thomas Bianto is also involved in Piano & Strings, Aldi Rahman on Bass, Vocal Director by Ayoe Purnama Sari, Heri Alesis as Vocal Editor, Aditya Bagus @brosstudio as Vocal Engineer, Mixing Process by Wawas Asakah, and Mastering by Sage Audio. 

Cut Keysha also promised to prepare several new singles that will be released soon after “Kedua Kali”.

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