Ed Sheeran Feels So Low in “Boat”

Ed Sheeran releases his new song “Boat” along with the official video. Ed Sheeran wrote the first song for his new album, “Boat,” on the chilly English waters brought on by the cold weather. This song is a metaphor for feeling depressed and confronts the challenge of feeling so low and not understanding how to escape the cycle.

The theme is highlighted in the official video, directed by Mia Barnes, with Ed dropping into the water and being swallowed up by the waves. Following the release of “Eyes Closed,” Ed Sheeran’s 14th UK No. 1 single, “Boat” is the third song in British history to reach that position, only after Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

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The new album by Ed Sheeran will be published on May 5th via Asylum and Atlantic. Ed and Aaron Dessner (The National) collaborated on a fourteen-song album in February of last year, following a number of hardships that had an impact on his life. The songs were written with melancholy and hope.

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