Synchronize Fest Announced  the 12 Special Lineups

Synchronize Fest has officially announced 12 performers special that will appear at the upcoming Synchronize Fest 2023 via the website and the demajorsTV YouTube channel. The legendary names announced are a special offering only at the #BhinnekaTunggalMusik celebration on 1, 2, 3 September 2023.

Here are the 12 special lineups at Synchronize Fest 2023:

  1. Bimbo with the Yanti Brothers

On stage at the Synchronize Fest 2023 special, Bimbo will appear together with the Yanti Brothers. Their names later returned to steal the attention after the songs were released again in the form of LPs through record label from Jakarta, Lamunai Records.

  1. God Bless 50 Years

Legendary Indonesian rock band, God bless, is ready to celebrate 50 years of career in Synchronize Fest 2023 stage. God bless, the plan is to perform with other musicians. This collaboration made God’s stage Bless at Synchronize Fest 2023 is not only a celebration of the band’s five decades, but at the same time celebrating the regeneration of Indonesian music. 

  1. Iwan Fals x Sawung Jabo

Two legendary Indonesian musicians and artists, Iwan Fals and Sawung Jabo, are one of the must-see collaborations at Synchronize Fest 2023. They will present a special performance that is certainly not to be missed.

  1. Konser Petualangan Sherina (Jakarta Movin, Isyana Sarasvati, Yura Yunita & Reza Chandika)

Petualangan Sherina 2 is officially announced and scheduled to air in September. Synchronize Fest 2023, working together with Miles Films and Jakarta Movin, will welcome the sequel by presenting the Konser Petualangan Sherina on one of its stages.

  1. Matajiwa x Matajiwo

Synchronize Fest 2023 is ready to bring back the special collaboration Matajiwa x Matajiwo, this cross-art collaboration which is busy being discussed in 2015 is worth watching.

  1. Melly Goeslaw Songbook

Melly will reminisce on the stage of Synchronize Fest 2023 with collaborators like Anda Perdana, Irwansyah, and BBB (Bukan Bintang Biasa – vocal group consisting of Raffi Ahmad, Dimas Beck, Ayushita, Chelsea Olivia and Laudya Cynthia Bella).

  1. Mesin Waktu 2.0

At Synchronize Fest 2023, NAIF songs will be sung by Bilal Indrajaya, Chroma Strings, Endah N Rhesa, GAC, Kunto Aji, Nesia Ardi, Bronze, Priscilla Jamail, Sentimental Moods, Sisitipsi, and the Adams.

  1. Republik Cinta Management

Republik Cinta Management (RCM) is a music management company founded by Ahmad Dhani in 2007. Mulan Jameela, T.R.I.A.D, and Mahadewi will certainly enliven the special Synchronize Fest 2023 stage.

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  1. Selangkah ke Seberang: Dekade Fariz RM ‘79-‘89

At the Synchronize Fest 2023, Fariz RM is ready to invite you to nostalgia together with the works he released from 1979 to 1989.

  1. Soneta Group x Dipha Barus

Soneta Group is ready to accompany the king, Rhoma Irama, to collaborate again with producer/DJ, Dipha Barus. Synchronize Fest 2023 is coming back and bringing them together.

  1. Symphony from Hell 

Yogyakarta’s pride hip hop collective, Hellhouse, will present a performance Symphony from Hell special on the Synchronize Fest 2023 stage.

  1. 4 Sehat 5 Nambah

Four well-known orchestras will appear on the same stage in the name of 4 Sehat 5 Nambah and are ready to make Synchronize Fest 2023 dance with dangdut music.

The theme “Bhinneka Tunggal Musik” was carried out by Synchronize Fest in 2023, to be a medium of collaborative spirit across genres and across generations of music activists and visual arts in Indonesia. Besides the 12 performers above, there are still more than 150 other performers to be announced in the following phase. ( Stay tuned for special surprises at Synchronize Fest 2023.

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