Stray Kids Break The Record with The Album “5 Star” With 4.9 Million Copies

Stray Kids are currently preparing to release their third album, and it looks like they’ve set a record. Their album entitled 5 Star, reached 4.93 million pre orders on May 30, three days before the official release.

This sales figure is the latest record among K-Pop album pre-orders so far. Previously, Seventeen managed to set a record with the mini album FML with a total preorder of 4.64 million copies, also BTS which set a preorder record for the album MOTS: 7 with 4.02 million copies and MOTS: Persona with 3.02 million copies.

The album “5 Star” will be released on June 2, 2023 at 13.00 local time. The release of the studio album will be launched simultaneously with the release of the S-Class video clip which will be the main song.

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From the page, out of the eight versions of the 5 Star album, it was recorded that five of them had sold out. While the rest can still be purchased. The album was an autographed limited version, signed A, B, and C versions. The versions that are still available are the A, B, and C versions without the signature of the members.

The limited edition album contains photobooks, CDs, photocards randomly selected 2 of 24, OOTD mini posters randomly selected 1 of 8, sticker sets of 2 sheets, and so on. Meanwhile, the D2C exclusive version contains postcards signed randomly by 1 member.

Fans can only buy a maximum of four copies of the album. The number of songs on this third album is 12 titles, namely Hall Of Fame, S-Class, Item, Super Bowl, Topline (feat. Tiger JK), DLC, Get Lit, Collision, FNF, Youtiful, The Sound (Korean version), and Mixtape: Time Out. Not only physical albums, Stray Kids will also sell digital albums which also contain 12 songs and are only available in the United States.

The price that is priced for the public to obtain the pre-order album is USD 32.

Source: Hypeabis

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