Happy Asmara Expresses Losing Love in ‘Ninggal Loro’

Happy Asmara released ‘Ninggal Loro’, a song about a woman who really loves her lover, but unexpectedly, he leaves her.

The lyrics of this Javanese song really represent the love life of some listeners. Time goes by, the memory of the lover who left is buried slowly, true love is wasted and it can’t come back.

However, she reappears, bringing another lover in sight. Buried feelings of loss are surfacing again, reminiscence of a loved one who has disappeared. This song is wrapped in a beautiful video clip, set in an open nature under the cloudy sky at dusk.

Happy Asmara was born in Kediri 23 years ago and is famous for her distinctive and melodious voice and her positive personality. She started her career at a very young age, starting as a model for children’s magazines, until she focused on singing since junior high school. (Valium Online)

Until now, Happy was already at the point of being recognized by many people. Her various singles were previously trending and enjoyed by dangdut music lovers in Indonesia, such as ‘Tak Ikhlasno’, and ‘Dalan Liyane’.

Happy hopes that her latest work will always become listeners’ favorite song and more people enjoy this unique Indonesian music genre.

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