FLAVS Festival 2023 is Back on July 29-30 with International Performers!

FLAVS Festival, the biggest Hip hop, Soul and R&B music festival in Indonesia, is ready to be held again this year. Continuing the euphoria after it was first held offline in 2022, now the FLAVS Festival has Allianz Ecopark Ancol as a witness of 2 days of celebration on the 29th and 30th of July. (https://www.controleng.com/)

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The theme ‘Unity’ is the spirit that FLAVS Festival 2023 carries, celebrating various aspects present in the journey of the hip hop, soul and R&B scene, as well as with the fire of collaboration that they have always kept warm all this time. Apart from that, this year, FLAVS also celebrates 50 Years of Global Hip Hop and 30 Years of Indonesian Hip Hop.

“‘Unity’ was created as a spirit of diversity but still one and also celebrates 50 Years of Global Hip Hop which started with DJ Kool Herc at the Block Party (13 August 1973). At the same time, in Indonesia, it is 30 years of Indonesian Hip Hop, the parameter of which is Iwa K’s album, ‘Ku Ingin Kembali’, which was released in 1993,” explained Yacko as the Program Director of FLAVS.

As the highlight of the festivities, for the first time, FLAVS brought foreign musicians to this year’s event. They are Kim Yugyeom (South Korea), Loco (South Korea), Lil Pump (United States), DaBaby (United States), and one more name to be announced.

Just like in previous years, a series of activities towards the 2023 FLAVS Festival were also presented, one of them is the FLAVS Nu Icon event, a talent search event that focuses on promising young talents in Indonesia. 4 young names have been confirmed to appear, namely Chrstpy (Papua), Owwie (East Java), Raihan (Medan), and XJonathann (Minahasa).

Organized online and offline, selected contestants from FLAVS Nu Icon will show their talents on July 29 and 30, including DJ Battle, Beatbox Battle, Freestyle Rap Session, BBoy/BGirl Battle, Open Style Battle, and Graffiti Battle which started some time ago.

Not only music performances and other forms of celebration, FLAVS Festival 2023 also presents FLAVS The Hustle, a market that includes various other activities such as thrifting, workshops, trade shows, to bring together emerging musicians and record labels to exchange works and build relationships.

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