Disporapar Kota Malang and Pemkot Malang Held “Malang One Zero Nine” to be Stronger Together

Disporapar Kota Malang and Pemkot Malang held “Malang One Zero Nine Kayutangan Heritage Vol.2” on May 28, 2023. The event was held in Kayutangan Heritage from 9.00 to 21.00 with the theme of “Bersama Kita Kuat”. Malang 109 is an annual collaboration stage for Malang City based artists. Thousands of visitors attended the event to celebrate the masterpieces created by Malang artists. 

There were various art performers who enlivened the event, such as Voice of Malang, Kumpulan Bassist Malang, Malang Dance Community, and many more. Before the art performers showed their masterpieces, there was a piece festival from the communities and culinary festivals.  

“Malang 109 is part of the Mayor’s commitment through the embodiment of the second mission to create a productive and competitive city based on a creative economy. Pemkot Malang through Disporapar Kota Malang organizes events that involve Malang City society who are creative in doing arts, serving Malang culinary specialties, and so on. In the end, this effort can realize economic turnover in society,” said Baihaqi, S.Pd., SE, M.Sc., the Head of the Disporapar Kota Malang. 

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He also added that recently, Malang City became the host of a sports festival. Therefore, with the existence of Malang 109, Disporapar Kota Malang and Pemkot Kota Malang hope that the visitors coming to Malang are entertained, mesmerized, and planning to visit Malang again in the future. 

As a result of Malang 109, some roads around Kayutangan Heritage were closed from May 27 at 22.00 to May 28 at 23.00. The roads will be normally active on May 29 starting at 00.00.


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