Sara Fajira Sing “Mantra Surugana” with a Mix of Ethnic Music from West Java

Sara Fajira, a singer and actress, has just released “Mantra Surugana” as the soundtrack for a film by Peregrine Studios in collaboration with Adhya Picture. The soundtrack of this song has the same name as the movie, Mantra Surugana.

With a mixture of Indonesian West Javanese ethnic music and EDM, and with a touch of the sound of karinding, tarawangsa (fiddle), Sundanese drums, it gives a unique impression to this song composed by Sara Fajira and Rezroll.

In the process of writing the song, Ervina Isleyen helped to write lyrics in Sundanese. They use two languages ​​for the lyrics of this song, with Sundanese and English.

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“Mantra Surugana”  tells about an ancient West Javanese (Sundanese) spell that has terrorized and caused many bad things that come to a person’s life such as nightmares, curses, tragedies, and can even plunge the soul into misery caused by this spell.

Through this soundtrack and movie from Mantra Surugana, it may give questions about the end of this gripping terror. That person could have been freed from that horror and terror. However, it could also be that the person accepts the consequences by being trapped in a suffocating futile life.

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