Sandiaga Uno Is Inspired by Sara Fajira’s New Single “Mantra Surugana” Which Raises Culture

Sara Fajira is back with her latest single titled ‘Mantra Surugana’. This single became one of the soundtracks of the latest horror movie by Peregrine Studios in collaboration with Adhya Pictures with the same title, Mantra Surugana.

The song ‘Mantra Surugana’ is about an ancient West Javanese or Sundanese mantra that has terrorized and made many bad things come into someone’s life. The examples are nightmares, curses, tragedies and even falling into mental misery caused by this mantra. It’s nothing new for Sara Fajira to bring cultural nuances to her songs, because that’s the concept that this musician has always brought up.

Hence, when hearing the works of Sara Fajira, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno felt inspired. Through his social media account, Sandiaga Uno expressed his pride in Sara Fajira’s work which is full of Indonesian cultural elements in it. 

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In fact, Sara Fajira received an offer to be able to collaborate in the preparation of her album with Kemenparekraf. Sandiaga Uno even wrote on his social media account that he is very impressed by this work and that hopefully it will motivate others to innovate. 

Not only that, in addition to collaborating with Kemenparekraf, the series of single promotions and the upcoming album from Sara Fajira will also continue with the Mantra Tour which will be carried out to 7 cities in Indonesia.


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