Titi Radjo Padmaja Shares Her Longing Dialogue Through “Rindu”

Titi Radjo Padmaja is now back with her latest single titled “Rindu”. “Rindu” was inspired by the story of Miyake, her daughter who is currently studying abroad.  It was the first time Miyake felt a strong longing for her family, especially her mother. It eventually led her to express it in a lyric. Titi Radjo Padmaja also felt an emotional attachment, not only to her children but also to her work.

“This song is a story about how I let go of my daughter who wants to continue her studies in a foreign country. And this song is an expression of the longing of Miyake, my daughter, for her home, and her family. Through this song, she wants to illustrate that there is a feeling of longing that can be that heavy,” Titi Radjo Padmaja explained. 

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In the process of making the single, Titi Radjo Padmaja’s role is not limited to being a singer, but she also acts as a producer, lyricist, arranger, and other broader roles. She believes that this work not only has an emotional attachment to herself but also Miyake. Titi Radjo Padmaja admits to being emotionally close to her single this time, the creative process went with the color she wanted without much effort.

“Rindu” is Titi Radjo Padmaja’s first single to use Indonesian lyrics which will also affect the feelings and emotions of the listeners. In addition to choosing Indonesian lyrics, the dialogue between Titi Rajo Padmaja and her daughter is also the focus of the new single. Although the song is about longing between a mother and child, the lyrics of “Rindu” can be felt in all aspects of life.

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