Hindia Explores the Dark Side of His Insecurities in “Perkara Tubuh”

Hindia released another new single from his upcoming full-length album: “Perkara Tubuh”, which was distributed by Sun Eater. Hindia wrote this song together with Kareem Soenharjo.

Baskara Putra a.k.a Hindia stated that the song is about the discomfort and helplessness that he feels towards his own body. Feeling confident is something he finds very difficult, and I have the highest respect towards those who can feel comfortable in their own skins.

Unlike the other songs, “Perkara Tubuh” has a different writing process, in which a pre-existing musical track that was deemed suitable for the song’s lyrical themes was chosen from Soenharjo’s archives. In terms of production, Soenharjo’s sparse beats enable Hindia’s voice to sound clearer and more intimate as if he’s confessing all the insecurities he feels towards himself. 

Hindia also mentioned, “The instrumentation and arrangement for this song were finished long before the lyrics. It took quite a while to find the specific viewpoint for talking about this topic over a year after the music was done.”

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As a result, “Perkara Tubuh” sounds unique among Hindia’s discography thus far, which makes it an apt choice as one of “Lagipula Hidup akan Berakhir”’s singles. According to Hindia, this is one of the songs that clearly illustrates the difference between the first album and the second in terms of its viewpoint in responding to a certain feeling.

At first, Perkara Tubuh” might be an uneasy listening experience for some people who feel how Hindia feels in this song, probably as uneasy as he felt in expressing those feelings. But if you pay attention to the closing line, it becomes a positive message to remind anyone who feels those insecurities that they’re not alone. 

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