Reality Club on Relationship through their latest album “Reality Club Presents…”

Reality Club, an award winning indie-rock band is back with their latest album “Reality Club Presents…”.The album is about an exploration of various romantic stories told with a unique genre, look and feel. It’s a romance anthology of 10 diverse stories, both those that traverse beautiful peaks and those that go through dark, soul-destroying valleys.

The album is described as if each song in it has its own movie with a unique story. This is a unique trademark of Reality Club. ( Since their early release in 2021 “I Wish I Was Your Joke,” each song Reality Club has produced always includes a cinematic music video, complete with gimmicks related to the theme, such as a press conference in a movie theater to the smallest details such as the name of a made-up movie studio like “Reality Club Pictures”.

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“Reality Club Presents…” will be led by the song “Love Epiphany.” It is a musical journey that tells an epiphany where one can lose everything and experience all the bad things in love, but also have an equal chance of winning it all. The song features a 46-piece orchestra from Budapest Orchestra, who are regular collaborators on this third album and comes with a music video that will be released the following week. 

Reality Club is an AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) nominated indie-rock band for Best Newcomer in 2018 and Best Alternative Group in 2018, 2020, 2021, and 2022. Hailing from Jakarta, they have been growing and becoming the talk of the town since the release of their first single. The band consists of Era Patigo (drums), Faiz Novascotia Saripudin (vocals and guitar), Fathia Izzati (vocals and keyboard), and Nugi Wicaksono (bass). Since their debut Reality Club has successfully expanded their audience through showcases in various countries such as Tokyo, Malaysia, Singapore, and Jeddah.


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