Why Oshi no Ko Manga’s Creator Kill Ai Hoshino?

Oshi no Ko manga’s author and illustrator, Aka Akasaka, revealed that he did not originally plan to kill Ai Hoshino when conceptualizing the story. It was revealed by Akasaka in an interview with Livedoor News in 2021. At the climax of Volume 1 of the manga or at the end of episode 1 of the anime, Ai was stabbed by an obsessed fan. She then slowly died in front of his two children. According to Akasaka, death was never planned.

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Oshi no Ko has been adapted into an Anime series released in spring this year. The anime has become a hit and is very popular. Akasaka said that the idea came up during its serialization. Originally, the plan was for Ai and the children to be active in the entertainment world for a long time. But, when Akasaka actually started drawing, Ai Hoshino was too strong for a manga character. 

On Reddit, Oshi no Ko fans are speculating where the plot would have headed if Akasaka had not killed Ai as originally planned. One theory indicates that the attack was still imminent, but less fatal. Then, Aqua Hoshino, with his past experience as a doctor, was able to use his skills in medicine to keep his mother alive.

Akasaka was forced to kill Ai Hoshino because he was afraid that Ai’s presence would overshadow the development of her two children. Even though Ai met a tragic end, many fans believe that she will appear in her reincarnated form sooner or later. They are now just waiting to see if the speculation turns out to be real.

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