5 Thai Romance Comedy Movies To Lift Your Mood

Nothing lifts your mood more after a stressful day of work than good Thai romance comedy movies. The world of Thai cinema is teeming with fantastic choices, and Netflix Thailand has added some of the best to its collection. Here are 5 Thai romance comedy movies that will make you laugh, cry, and then laugh some more:

  1. Hello Stranger

This messed-up love story set in Seoul revolves around a woman who flees her bossy boyfriend to fulfill her K-Series fantasies and a man whose heart gets broken by his girlfriend. In spite of not knowing each other’s names, the two end up falling in love. This love story exhibits superb storytelling by deftly blending romanticism with belly-laugh-inducing humor. Get your tissues ready because the two characters’ oddball interactions and humorous antics lead to a heartbreaking conclusion.

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2. Pee Mak

After a long journey home from the war, Mak feels happy to see his wife Nak and their newborn child again. His four closest friends learn that Nak and the baby are actually ghosts. The legendary folktale Nang Nak has been adapted into numerous movies and television shows, but the 2013 adaptation is a breath of fresh air because of its comic direction and modern setting, which together make it entertaining to watch.

3. Season Change

Pom applies rashly to a music school in an effort to be near his longtime crush, Dao. But when the quirky girl Aom enters his life, his romantic pursuits become more difficult. The main musical theme and the cliché “I would do anything for love” make Season Change stand out from the other high school romances in Thai movies.

4. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Seventh grader Nam, who has a crush on popular senior idol Chon, decides to catch his attention by getting a makeover. Teenage love stories are always popular in Thailand, and this popular movie is written with all the qualities that make a good narrative. In 2019, it was adapted into a Chinese series called A Little Thing Called First Love, proving how good and successful the original was.

5. Suddenly Twenty

A miraculous picture booth gives Grandma Parn, who is seventy years old, a second chance to relive her youth. Now that she is 50 years younger, she makes the decision to seize every chance to discover the value of life. Don’t let the phrase “remake” intimidate you; Suddenly Twenty is a remake of the Korean movie Miss Granny (2014). The Thai version closely follows the original. Watch it to gain some insight into how valuable life is.

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