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4 Ways You Can Do to Start Loving Yourself

Loving yourself is a choice to stop being so hard on yourself and learn to be friends with yourself, as reported by Your Tango. When someone thinks about starting to love themselves, sometimes the thought just comes to them, without the commitment to do so. Afterward, it will be forgotten, and return to old behaviors that are not at all beneficial to yourself. There are several ways you can start loving yourself. Check out the ways below.

4 Ways You Can Do to Start Loving Yourself

  1. Make a Promise

The first step to loving yourself is to make a commitment to be kind to yourself and not repeat the same mistakes. Because the number one reason you can’t love yourself is that you are still doing bad things to vent your emotions. Denying all the emotions you feel and being too hard on yourself. So in the end you just realized that the first person who hurt you was yourself. So, promise yourself to do better.

  1. Dare to Refuse

After committing yourself, you might be confused about what to do next. So, you have to start rejecting anything that is not by your will and beliefs. Because one of the reasons people find it difficult to love themselves is because they think too much about others and dare not say no. If you are faced with something that doesn’t please you, don’t hesitate to reject it.

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  1. Have a Firm Stance

Once you start to dare to say no, then you must have a firm stance. This way, you can avoid things that can hurt your heart in the future. In addition, there is no need to force yourself to do something you don’t like. Taking a firm stance will also help you to love yourself more. You control yourself and don’t let others influence your thinking.

  1. Accepting Destiny

Everything that has happened in your life, is not something that happened overnight. So, you must learn to accept fate while being careful in your steps. During your journey, you may face various obstacles, deceit, and dead ends. However, if you keep going and accept your destiny, you may find your door to success. Therefore, it is very important to be able to accept your destiny to love yourself.

Those are some of the ways you can start loving yourself. Try to do the easiest and simplest way, this can be started by making friends with pain and being honest about the emotions that are being felt. It’s okay to feel hurt and sad, it’s natural because all emotions apply to the person who feels it.


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