5 Family-Friendly Horror Movies You Can Watch with Your Family

Horror movies are a movie genre that is liked by many people. This movie is liked by various groups, from children to adults. However, not all horror films can be enjoyed by children. That’s why some of the horror movies can be family-friendly and recommended for parents to watch it with their children. This can be a moment for parents that love horror movies to introduce their favorite movie genre to their children.

5 family-friendly horror movies you should know:

1. We Have a Ghost

This movie tells the story of the Kevin family who become a social media sensation after finding a male ghost named Ernest haunting their new home. Kevin and Ernest also try to investigate Ernest’s past, but they end up being targeted by the CIA.

2. The Conjuring

This horror movie is based on a true story about the supernatural activities of Ed and Lorraine Warren in America. This story begins with husband and wife Rod and Carolyn who realize that their family is being disturbed by an evil spirit. They asked for help from supernatural experts, Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate this problem.

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3. Ouija: Origin of Evil

A widow and her two daughters perform a séance with a Ouija board after her husband is killed in an accident. Instead of getting answers for their grief, terrible terror appears to haunt them. An evil came to their house and possessed her younger child.

4. Bird Box

This movie set the time when post-apocalypse happened. Terror bunuh diri ini bermula dari makhluk kasat mata yang membuat semua orang diharuskan untuk menutup mata mereka atau tidak melihat dunia luar. Five years after the terror happened, a mother and her two children try to find a shelter that is claimed to be safe enough for humans.

5. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

In a small town, there are teenagers that challenged themselves to get into a creepy house. In that house, they found a book that started the terror for them. Any stories that are written in the book become real and haunted them. Can they overcome the deadly terror that comes to them?

Source: IMDb

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