MALIQ & D’Essentials Present About The Past and Future in Their 20 Anniversary Concert

MALIQ & D’Essentials are ready to hold their 20th anniversary concert on Sunday 14 May 2023 at Hall B3 and C3 JIExpo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. The personnel have also been doing intense rehearsals and all they have to do is prepare mentally so that all their plans can be well connected at the concert later.

This first solo concert was an unusual wait for fans and for MALIQ. They have carefully determined the song list for the concert later, they also brought the stage concept that they hope can present the past and present to the fan.

Angga Puradiredja said that they would optimize this concert by choosing songs that they thought were good, often asked for, and rarely performed. They will also focus on avoiding dragging starting from the opening, the middle, the gimmick, to the ending.

MALIQ wants to realize what people think about the band’s career so far. The hope is that the audience can go home with a beautiful story, have a new image and feeling, get a stronger feeling, and love MALIQ even more.

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MALIQ’s enchanting charm when performing songs on stage will not eliminate the choreography that they have succeeded in doing so far. It’s just that at the concert there will be adjustments due to changes in the musical arrangements of the songs that will be performed.

Angga added that they have seen many differences from 20 years ago. They are also ready to develop things outside of MALIQ which still boils down to music. They see through their works how they develop as human beings, musicians or entrepreneurs. They will also review further after this concert takes place.

This concert will be the closing of 20 years of musical career ever created to welcome a new chapter. But before that, they are ready to remember the old energy of MALIQ when it was first formed.

Later, MALIQ will not only appear as six, but will appear in a complete set on stage. Apart from that, the band has also prepared a string section to add splendor. Not only that, there will be an appearance from a special guest, Indra Lesmana.

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