Yura Yunita Presents Magical Concert “Pertunjukkan Tutur Batin Yura Yunita”

Yura Yunita is ready to celebrate the tears and magic of her third album in Tutur Batin’s solo concert titled “Pertunjukan Tutur Batin”. On June 9 and 16, Tutur Batin is ready for its newest form. After being presented to a wide audience in October 2021 and receiving a good impression from the listeners, now is the time to present the album in a solo concert format.

A little flashback, Yura sang all the songs from the Tutur Batin album in the form of a virtual concert through her YouTube channel. The third album has been listened to more than 236 million times since its release. The various forms of the back-to-nature concept brought up in the virtual concert will be presented by Yura in the latest interpretation of the “Pertunjukan Tutur Batin”, as well as the different experiences of listening to songs from the third album live.

“In this concert, I want us to pour out our hearts to each other. Expressing all emotions, dancing, crying, relief, and happiness together. So, for whatever problems we are facing, hopefully, everyone who attends the concert can say thank you to us. Hopefully, this concert can be a reminder, even though the days feel heavy, we will keep going, continue to process to become the best version of ourselves, and together celebrate the imperfections of all of us in Pertunjukan Tutur Batin,” explained Yura. 

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Yura performed more than 20 songs at the “Pertunjukan Tutur Batin”. Although the title was a celebration of the third album, the soloist still brought some previous material ready to be performed specially. Ari Renaldi, an important figure in his musical journey, who acts as the music director for Tutur Batin, will also be in the show. 

“Pertunjukan Tutur Batin” will be held in two cities, Surabaya (Jatim Expo, June 9) and Jakarta (Senayan Indoor Tennis, June 16). In Surabaya, rates range from IDR 350,000 to IDR 1,300,000. While in Jakarta, it varies from IDR 350,000 to IDR 1,500,000 with different categories sold on Monday (08/05) through Loket.com. “I also want to echo that we as humans and women don’t need to be perfect, and let’s celebrate our imperfections together,” Yura concluded.

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