Asyraf Jamal Tells the Story of A Lover and An Affair in “Bahagialah Cinta”

Asyraf Jamal released “Bahagialah Cinta”, his first single in 2023 with Mymusic Records. “Bahagialah Cinta” tells the story of a pair of lovers who have been in a relationship for a long time, but in the middle of the relationship, their partner has an affair. When he wanted to return, it turned out that his partner was already with someone else.

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According to Asyraf Jamal, working on this single took quite a while. From mid-2022, he tried to change the composition of the lyrics and tried to make his own demo until it was just right. In addition, this song often accompanies the turmoil when graduating from junior high school.

For Asyraf’s music production, he was assisted by Denny Chasmala as Music Producer and Ariyandhi Achbar as well as Music Video producer. “Bahagialah Cinta” is already out on all your favorite digital music platforms and radio.

Asyraf Jamal was born on May 28, 2000. He has had a hobby of singing since childhood and dreams of becoming an entertainer. Asyraf started his career by playing in several soap operas and films. Now Asyraf is also active as a TikTok content creator and has won the 2020 Tiktok Awards “Most Viral Song Of The Year”.

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