Jojo Gautama Expresses Admiration For An Indonesian Hero In “Gatot Kaca (Legend Tidak Pernah Menyerah)”

Jojo Gautama, an 11-year-old singer with Javanese, Palembang, Chinese, and Filipino roots, said that the character Gatot Kaca in the Mobile Legends game really inspired him. His adoration for these games led him to fall in love with Indonesia. He said that Gatot Kaca is a brave hero known for his fortitude, tenacity, and never-ending perseverance. Similar to a line from his song “Legend Tidak Pernah Menyerah”.

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Nutyas Surya Gumilang (NSG), the producer for the music label New Sound Generation, helped Jojo with this song’s production. This song combines traditional and contemporary music with vocals from Jojo Gautama’s energetic, lovable character. Jojo Gautama hopes that through his songs, we may bring the memory of Indonesian superheroes to a wider audience, especially young people.

Jojo feels proud to use his music to express his passion for Indonesian culture. He believes that people will value and cherish the incredibly rich cultural history of our nation with his debut song, “Gatot Kaca (Legend tidak pernah menyerah)”.

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