Keisya Levronka Releases Her Full of Meaning Debut Album Titled ‘Levronka’

Keisya Levronka finally released her debut album entitled “Levronka”. The album was released under the Universal Music Indonesia record label. This album is predicted to be one of the most awaited albums this year, both for Keisyakeys (Keisya’s fans) and the general public. 

In her debut album, the name “Levronka” was taken as the title because Kesiya wanted to dedicate this album to her parents who have supported her to have a career according to her hobbies and passions.

Meanwhile, the concept of Javanese letters is featured in the naming of the album because Keisya’s origin is from Malang, East Java, so she doesn’t want to leave that behind. Keisya also shared that the photo concept used in the album artwork also has a deep meaning. She said that the photo concept of her in water expresses the journey of her music career. The meaning of it is that she flows with the situation and that God’s plan for someone’s journey is the best.

The “Levronka” album contains eight songs, six of which are her previously released hits, such as; ‘Tak Ingin Usai’ and ‘Mengejar Matahari’. Meanwhile, two other additional songs are titled ‘Better On My Own’ and ‘Tak Pantas Terluka’.

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The song ‘Better On My Own’ was written by Keisya Levronka together with Haryy Sommerdahl and Isak Alvedahl that tells the story of someone who manages to withdraw from a toxic relationship. Haryy Sommerdahl also participated directly to arrange the song, he is also known as the team from The Kennel. Meanwhile, the song ‘Tak Pantas Terluka’ was written by Mario G Klau and arranged by Tohpati.

Keisya Levronka’s debut album will be released in digital and physical form. In the digital form, you can hear it on all streaming platforms. Meanwhile, there is also the release of ‘Levronka’ in boxset form that consists of CD, booklet, and other goods that has been signed by Keisya herself. The album pre-order will begin on 12 May 2023.

Kesiya Levronka is a graduate of the Indonesian Idol. In 2022, with her song “Tak Ingin Usai,” Keisya became the latest music sensation. The song ranked #1 on BMAT Chart and all DSPs in Indonesia for 11 weeks, and closed the year with the most watched music video on YouTube Indonesia in 2022, with over 215 million views from MV & LV combined.To top it all off, at the end of 2022, “Tak Ingin Usai” became the #1 Google 2022 Top Trending Search for the song category globally.

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