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A Promising Future Regarding The New Way of Sucking CO2 From The Air

With the struggle and major issues caused by emissions and carbon dioxide that cause global warming through several decades, several companies have started to focus on developing technology that can remove the exceeding amount of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

Climeworks Switzerland is the primary example of the company, where in the past ten years they have developed a machine that sucks the air from the atmosphere that will filter and separate carbon dioxide molecules. Another plant in Iceland injects the obtained CO2 into the ground which will allow it to turn into a stone. The company has started to sell the machine to large companies such as Microsoft, Spotify, and Stripe.

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While it seems effective, since CO2 is diluted in a large amount it will need a big machine. This will affect the cost aspect in general. In a response to this issue, a research team has used off-the-shelf resins and another chemical that promises greater efficiency and lower cost. They used the approach in water and tweaked the materials to remove the CO2 from the air. The result shows that the new hybrid material was capable to take three times as much CO2 compared to the existing substances

Another method is by adding some chemicals to the CO2 obtained will transform it into bicarbonate of soda that can be stored or safely flow to the seawater. In the meantime, removing CO2 has become a major consideration aside from renewable energy production. As currently, the world needs proper technologies and advancement to avoid the further effect of climate change that might end up catastrophic in the future if ignored.

Source: BBC Climate


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