AELI Held Rakernas 2023, Improving Capacity Building

AELI held a National Work Meeting (Rakernas) from 20 June to 21 June 2023 held at the Malang Creative Center. This year’s National Working Meeting carries the theme “All Together Now” which means AELI members from all over Indonesia are jointly realizing AELI’s vision to develop Human Resources in Indonesia.

In addition to conducting detailed socialization of the AELI DPP Work Program, the main focus of the 2023 AELI National Working Meeting is to strengthen the capacity of members to be able to develop quality Capacity Building programs in Indonesia.

On the two days of the National Working Meeting agenda, there were several main agendas such as Presentation of the AELI DPP Work Program, Commission Meeting to Sharpen the Work Program based on Clusters, Presentation of the Development of AELI DPD, Plenary Meeting discussing the Work Program Agenda, and AELI’s 16th Anniversary Celebration.

This year’s National Working Meeting also includes a program to develop HR capacity through tourist locations, attractions, attractions and activities, namely the Capacity Building Program in Indonesia. The Experiential Learning Providers who are members of AELI are tourism and creative economy industry players who will turn Indonesian tourism into educative and useful in developing the quality of human resources.

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Nurfahmi, Chairperson of AELI, said that Capacity Building is currently minimal with Team Building where employees in the work environment want to be united. AELI will focus on Capacity Building because from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia’s national work standard competencies for the Outbound field already exist and they are making them.

Ir. H. Sofyan Edi Jarwoko, Deputy Mayor of Malang expressed his hope for AELI which is related to tourism and educating the public so that there is the same understanding with the government to strengthen the values ​​of nationalism and love for the environment. This can be relate with Malang tourism promotion because Malang is a tourist city.

Sandiaga Uno as the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy expressed his hope that the 2023 AELI National Working Meeting could encourage all AELI members in Indonesia to contribute more to tourism and the country’s creative economy.

Dr. H. Emil Elestianto Dardak, B.Bus., M.Sc, Deputy Governor of East Java also added that technological developments could help the methods developed to be more effective and advanced.

Several Capacity Building programs in Indonesia are Organizational (Corporate) HR Development, Corporate Event Based Experiential, Experience Based Tourism, Self Development (Public Training), Student/Youth Character Development, and EL Teaching Methods (Schools/Skills Courses).

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