Afgan Presents EP +62 That Covers Human Emotion

Afgan came back with his EP (Extended Play) titled +62 consisting of three songs: “Pendam”, “Lestari Merdu”, and “Pulih”. The reason behind his comeback is to cure the longing of the fans. Not only that, Afgan thinks that right now is a good time for releasing the EP because pandemic has over which many music festivals are held. 

“Last time in 2020, I collaborated with Raisa on the song “Tunjukkan”. After that, I released the album “Wallflower” and several other singles in English. Many people ask when I will release Indonesian songs again. On the other hand, world conditions have entered a new normal phase, so I decided to make a comeback through EP +62. The title of the EP is also adjusted to the country code of Indonesia and really represents my latest work,” Afgan explained 

The making of +62 takes a short time from the beginning of 2022 to the middle of 2022. The main single of EP +62 is “Lestari Merdu” due to its classic nuance and 80’s lyrics. Moreover, “Lestari Merdu” is a tribute to Chrisye and Guruh Soekarno Putra, two figures who  inspired Afgan the most in music. Meanwhile “Pendam” and “Pulih” considered as a ballad song. (Alprazolam Online) “Pendam” tells us about a person with a relationship that can’t last and always buries away the bad feelings. Besides, “Pulih” portrays a healing process of the past trauma, at the same time there is a new figure that asks to accompany him until he recovers. 

“Even though this EP contains only 3 songs, it covers all kinds of emotions that we feel as humans. There are cheerful songs like “Lestari Merdu” and there are “Pendam” and “Pulih” which show my vulnerable side. This EP +62 presents important things, about letting go, healing yourself, loving yourself, and celebrating yourself,” said Afgan.


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