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Ahmad Abdul Starts A New Journey with “Broken”

Ahmad Abdul, who was previously known by the stage name ABDA, returns with a new single,”Broken” which is drawn from his personal experiences. This change has a profound background, considering Ahmad Abdul’s journey filled with challenges and the learning process he underwent. (Xanax) The song “Broken” serves as a symbol of Ahmad Abdul’s return, creating a new, more focused, and positive direction in his musical journey.

“Broken” narrates the feelings of heartbreak of someone who hopes to regain what has been lost but eventually realizes that it is no longer possible. Ahmad Abdul explicitly conveys that the song reflects the anger and disappointment felt by the character in the story, who attempts to express it through music. The presence of upbeat elements in the song represents the expression of the emotions being told, demonstrating the intensity of the feelings Ahmad Abdul wants to convey.

The process of creating the song also showcases a strong collaboration, with Ahmad Abdul enlisting Marco Steffiano and Budie Tanzania as the producers and guitarists for the song. The vocals were meticulously recorded at Sum It Studio, showing a commitment to delivering the best quality to the listeners. Engineer Ricky Sophian, Director Mohammed Kamga, and Editor Budie Tanzania were also involved in making the song a complete and impactful piece. This process reflects the dedication and hard work embedded in the single “Broken.”

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Melalui nada-nada ‘Broken’, Ahmad Abdul mengajak kita merasakan setiap lika-liku perjalanan karirnya yang menginspirasi. Temukan makna baru dalam setiap catatan musik yang membangkitkan semangat.
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Through the melodies of ‘Broken,’ Ahmad Abdul invites us to feel every twist and turn of his inspiring career journey. Discover new meaning in each musical note that ignites the spirit.
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