Andrea Lee Release Her First Single Entitled “Semua Jadi Satu”

Andrea Lee released her first single entitled “Semua Jadi Satu” on November 2, 2022. This song was created by Deddy Dhukun and sung by Andrea Lee with her own version which is indeed unique and carries the concept of a memorable song.

Andrea Lee worked together with Sandhy Sondoro which makes this song even more excellent. Wrapped in the nuances of a medium beat, this song becomes so fun to dance and follow the beat. With a catchy piano and saxophone intro, the single “Semua Jadi Satu” makes listeners enjoy the dynamic groove that is earworming. 

Andrea Lee also hopes that her music can be accepted and can entertain music lovers in Indonesia. Moreover, she also hopes that “Semua Jadi Satu” will be one of the favorite songs in their playlists and played all over the radio in Indonesia.


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