Julia Michaels Tries to Capture Breakup and Move On Phase in “Sorry To Me Too”

Julia Michaels, a 4x Grammy® Award-nominated multi platinum singer and songwriter, made a return via Republic Records with a brand-new song entitled “Sorry To Me Too” on November 11, 2022.

The song’s upbeat sound revealed Julia’s biting analysis of a breakup before she apologized to herself in a strong voice and moved on with confidence. She created another creative leap by embracing a tempo that is both furious and anxious to dance.

“I’m going through the grief process of a breakup in the new music I have coming. You’ll hear me trying to figure out what happened, where things went wrong, avoid placing blame on myself, and move on from this person who I thought would be in my life for a very long time,” said Julia

“”Sorry To Me Too” captures that phase of anger and disbelief. “You say you’re sorry? I’m sorry for me too because I believed in all your nonsense and trusted the promises you made to me. I thought it was real,” continued her.

The song served as a timely reminder to both fans and critics of Julia’s talent as a top songwriter in an industry that is largely dominated by men. She is a musician first and foremost, and she has lately worked with Conan Gray, Sabrina Carpenter, Maren Morris, Ingrid Andress, Ellie Goulding, and others. She continued to raise the standard for herself and her colleagues.


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