Food Queen Elizabeth II Ate and Avoided, Do You Want to Try? 

Queen Elizabeth II served as a queen for 70 years until she died at 96 years old and was replaced by Prince Charles III (now King Charles III).  Queen Elizabeth II has several rules about her food, there are some foods that must be on the table and some that are avoided. Surprisingly, some of the food is common food just like what we eat daily.   


Pâté is a bread consisting of minced meat containing liver. There are also several additions, such as pork, fish, beef, vegetables, and wine. Gleneagles pate is a combination of 3 types of pate which is smoked salmon, smoked trout, Melba toast, and horseradish crème fraîche paste. ( Pate is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite snack. 


Scone is usually made from wheat, barley, or oat. Scones taste a little sweet and are sometimes covered with egg yolk before being baked. Scone is usually served with ice cream and jam. Queen Elizabeth II always eats scones at 5 PM in the afternoon which was dinner time for some British citizens. Not only that, on a tea break, Queen Elizabeth would scrump her Scones and give it to Corgis, her dog.   


Do you know that Queen Elizabeth II had a favorite fruit? Queen Elizabeth II had her own garden of strawberry, gooseberry, and raspberry. However, Queen Elizabeth II really loved strawberries. 

Despite all those favorite meals mentioned above, there are several foods that will never be touched by Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family. It might be uncommon, but actually, it has reasonable reasons for why the royal family and Queen Elizabeth II avoid these foods.

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Foie Gras

Foie Gras is a french food from a specially bred goose’s heart, making it larger than a common goose’s. The reason behind Foie Gras prohibition is not about health concerns; instead, it is caused by animal welfare. Foie Gras was officially banned at the British Royal Palace in 2008 by King Charles III who was then still the Prince of Wales. 


Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family avoid eating onions. The reason is very simple, it is because they often greet the guests and we all know that onions cause bad breath. It would be very impolite for the royal family to have bad breath while having a conversation with the guests. This statement was also confirmed by Camilla Parker Bowles when she was on MasterChef Australia a few years ago.


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