Angel Pieters Recounts Her 25 Years Journey In “Satu Per Empat”

Angelica Martha Pieters Sihombing, known as Angel Pieters is an Indonesian actress and singer. She started her career in singing by becoming a finalist in the 2008 Idola Cilik singing talent show. Angel Pieters started her latest comeback with her latest mini album (EP) entitled “Satu Per Empat”.

Angel is still actively releasing her spiritual songs. Now, as if to cure the longing for Indonesian music lovers, Angel released a new EP which contains 7 songs. Angel Pieters recap 25 years of her life’s journey in mini album “Satu Per Empat “. (  

“There was no reason why I released 2 songs before releasing this EP actually,” Angel explained. “I just want to be more productive and produce more work, so that there aren’t too many big gaps. The release of the 2 songs earlier was actually a preparatory teaser for the release of this EP,” Angel’s said. 

In the process, many parties helped Angel Pieters to complete “Satu Per Empat”, they’re Maruli Tampubolon who collaborated with Angel on ‘Desire’, Anindyo Baskoro, Arya Adhitya Ramadhya, Josh Kunze, to Adis Putra. Meanwhile the EP was produced by Greybox and Adis Putra, the mixing process was handed over Greybox, and mastering by Dimas Pradipta.

After releasing the EP with 2 opening songs, Angel will also be releasing the single ‘Kau’ as the next single which is also included in this EP. ‘Kau’ is a very special song because apart from this song feeling close to Angel, she felt that when recording this song, she experienced lots of good memories of being together in the studio. Angel Pieters’ latest EP, “Satu Per Empat” can be heard on all digital streaming platforms throughout Indonesia.


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