The East Hub – BINUS @Malang Strengthens Collaboration as Educational Intuition with Company Partners

BINUS @Malang continued The East Hub Industry Gathering program which was held in Bali in May 2022. The next event was held at BINUS @Malang on Thursday, 1 December 2022 by inviting 30 global companies in East Java. This program aims to be a link between BINUS @MALANG as an educational institution and industry in East Java with the theme ‘Talents in Digital Transformation Era’.

In this industry gathering, there was a sharing session related to a survey previously conducted with company leaders in East Java regarding digital transformation carried out by companies and what the company’s perspective is regarding the Gen Z digital workforce. The survey involved 52 company leaders (senior and middle managers), the majority of whom came from East Java.

With the results of this survey and through The East Hub, it can expand and strengthen collaboration networks, in order to form professional support that can help students, especially Gen-Z, to further develop, so as to produce graduates who are qualified and in accordance with company needs.

“The company is one of the most important stakeholders of BINUS @ Malang, therefore we want to always have a close relationship with the industry. The East Hub Industry Gathering program is one way to make this happen. Through the survey conducted, we also want to invite companies to jointly improve the quality of digital transformation and the contribution of Gen-Z,” said Dr. Robertus Tang Herman, SE, MM – BINUS @ Malang Campus Director.


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