Anggi Marito Unveils Touching Ballad “Kisah yang Lain” in Collaboration with Clara Riva

Bingkai Karya – Following the triumph of his hits “Tak Segampang Itu” and her joint effort with Mario G. Klau titled “Tak Ingin Kau Terluka,” Anggi Marito makes a comeback with her latest creation named “Kisah yang Lain.” Continuing her alliance with Universal Music Indonesia, Marito’s fresh single presents another round of heartfelt pop ballads, this time teaming up with esteemed Indonesian songwriter, Clara Riva.

In “Kisah yang Lain,” Marito narrates the story of an individual grappling with a relationship where their significant other no longer harbors affection. Opting to walk away, the protagonist believes that one day, they will encounter a superior and happier love narrative. Marito emphasizes the importance of releasing and embracing the reality that some relationships are transient.

The musical arrangement of “Kisah yang Lain” aptly captures a sense of solitude, primarily driven by the calming melodies of the piano. Marito’s evocative vocals effectively convey the sentiments woven into the lyrics, crafting a poignant listening experience for her audience.

The accompanying music video, crafted by Kolmar Films and helmed by Idho Aruan, complements the somber undertones of the song with its visually captivating and melancholic aesthetics. Co-starring alongside Teguh Ryder, Marito assumes the lead role in the video, effectively depicting the storyline depicted in the song’s lyrics – from instances of unity to the eventual sorrow of parting ways.

Marito expresses her desire that “Kisah yang lain” serves as a prompt that sometimes, tough decisions must be made, even if they entail the termination of a relationship, as there are often valid motivations behind such choices.

The single is now accessible on all major digital music platforms, while the music video can be viewed on Anggi Marito’s official YouTube channel. Have some tissues at the ready before listening and watching the video – tears are guaranteed! Enjoy, everyone!


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