KPPU Finds Soaring Prices of Red Chilies and Other Essentials Ahead of Ramadan in Bandung

Bingkai Karya – The Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) conducted a surprise inspection at two traditional markets in Bandung, Indonesia, and discovered significant price fluctuations in essential goods, particularly red chilies.

The inspection, aimed at monitoring prices and supply stability before the holy month of Ramadan, revealed that red chilies topped the list of price surges. KPPU Chairman M. Fanshurullah Asa stated that the government-set highest retail price (HET) for red chilies is Rp55,000 per kilogram, yet market prices reached a staggering Rp150,000 per kilogram.

“This represents an increase of 172.73%, significantly exceeding the government’s regulations,” Asa said in a written statement.

KPPU also observed price hikes in other essential commodities:

  • Premium Rice: Average price increased by 21.58% to Rp16,900 per kilogram, exceeding the HET of Rp13,900 per kilogram.
  • Medium-Quality Rice: Price rose by 28.44% to Rp14,000 per kilogram, compared to the HET of Rp10,900 per kilogram.
  • Sugar, Chicken Meat, Chicken Eggs: Prices also experienced significant increases.

These price hikes raise concerns about affordability and potential market manipulation during Ramadan, a period of increased demand. KPPU might take further action to investigate and address these price fluctuations.


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