Nidji Opens 2024 with a New Single “Buang Buang Waktu”

Bingkai KaryaNidji, a well-known Indonesian band, has kicked off 2024 with the release of a new single titled “Buang Buang Waktu” (meaning “Wasting Time”). This song was specially created by Guruh Soekarno Putra (GSP), a legendary figure in Indonesian music. The idea to perform a song composed by GSP came from Nidji’s label, Musica Studio’s, who saw the compatibility between the song and Nidji’s character.

“Buang Buang Waktu” is wrapped in an uplifting musical arrangement inspired by European-British music that Nidji often listens to. The song serves as a reminder for everyone to always look on the bright side and be grateful for what they have.

Ubay, the vocalist, explained, “This song emerged from contemplating the lives of many people out there. Sometimes we feel annoyed, confused, and disappointed with this life journey. Even when faced with situations that don’t go as we want, this song reminds us to keep being grateful for life and see it from another perspective. It could be that everything that happens is part of God’s and the universe’s bigger plan for us and our surroundings. Basically, life can be complicated, but let’s just try to enjoy it!”

Nidji admitted that they faced challenges while working on “Buang Buang Waktu,” which motivated them to create a song that could be accepted by many people. One of the challenges was how to present GSP’s work, which is known for its retro vibes. The process was assisted by Heston, who acted as Nidji’s co-producer for the song.

“We had a lot of discussions to determine the musical direction. The whole process took place in the studio, and we also constantly communicated with Mas GSP’s team through AnR Musica,” Nidji explained.

The music video for “Buang Buang Waktu” also presents a playful and fresh vibe. The process was executed quickly by a team from EUIS and AnR Musica Studio’s.

Ubay shared, “I personally liked the set up, lighting, and props that were prepared. The wardrobe from Henza and the make-up team also really delivered what we wanted. In addition, we also mobilized the Nidji crew to help set up the instruments on location.”

In line with the meaning of the song “Buang Buang Waktu,” all Nidji members hope that as long as we do things sincerely, there will always be positive things that we can take and appreciate.

“This might be very relatable to friends out there who are chasing revisions or deadlines—but you have to remember that there are probably many people out there who are not as happy as you. So you have to go through whatever it is and don’t forget to be grateful, appreciate even the smallest achievements, and enjoy the world. If there are no trials, tests, or problems, it’s not called life!” said all Nidji members.

With the many explorations they have tried, Nidji hopes that “Buang Buang Waktu” can be liked and even “stick” to the ears of its listeners.

“Hopefully this song can make your day better,” concluded Ariel, the guitarist and producer of the song.

As a closing message, enjoy the world and enjoy “Buang Buang Waktu.” The audio is available on all digital music platforms, and the music video can be watched on Musica Studio’s YouTube channel starting from February 7, 2024.


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