Angie Zelena Unveils Fresh Track “Kukira Hanya Lagu” 

Bingkai Karya – The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for Angie Zelena as she made her foray into the professional music realm with the release of two singles under Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia – “Bulan Penuh” and “Cinta Lelaki”. Now, kicking off 2024, Angie wastes no time in unveiling her third single titled “Kukira Hanya Lagu”. This latest composition maintains a somber undertone, depicting the struggle of not fully letting go of the past. Angie describes it as a moment when one finds comfort in an unfamiliar melody whose lyrics unexpectedly strike a chord, evoking tears.

Penned by Pika Iskandar, Angie admits to instantly falling for the track upon first listen. She shares, “When deciding on my third single, Sony Music’s A&R team presented ‘Kukira Hanya Lagu’ for consideration, and I immediately resonated with Pika Iskandar’s creation. I find the song both inventive and captivating, with a melody that perfectly aligns with my personality. Consequently, ‘Kukira Hanya Lagu’ was chosen as my latest single for 2024.” Angie also praises Pika’s choice of words, noting their melodic appeal and their seamless fit with her style.

Despite the customary lyric adjustments made during recording, Angie mentions there were none this time around. She feels that the lyrics and melody truly capture her essence, resulting in an authentic rendition of the song.

The production process, spanning roughly two months, went smoothly for Angelica Dira Maharani. She expresses gratitude for the support received from the Sony Music team and thoroughly enjoyed the recording process. Angie hopes that listeners will derive as much pleasure from the song as she did during its creation.

With “Kukira Hanya Lagu” marking her third single, Angie acknowledges the differences between this release and her previous ones. She mentions learning various singing techniques and the importance of effectively conveying emotions to ensure the song’s message resonates with her audience.

Unveiling her latest single in 2024 brings forth numerous hopes for Angie. She articulates her desire for the song to become a hit, securing a spot on popular music charts or playlists on digital music platforms. Above all, Angie hopes that “Merely Assumed It Was a Tune” will be embraced and enjoyed by music enthusiasts across Indonesia.

Angie Zelena’s latest single, “Kukira Hanya Lagu,” is available on digital music platforms starting January 26, 2024.


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