Taiwanese Indie Band Huan Huan Makes Waves with New Album “When The Wind Came Across”

Bingkai Karya – Up-and-coming Taiwanese indie band Huan Huan (缓缓) is gaining widespread attention with their latest album, “When The Wind Came Across” (瀏海被風吹得整個飛起來).

The album takes a folk rock core and infuses it with elements of motown and soul, creating a unique sound that resonates with listeners. Described as a journey of self-discovery “as fleeting as a gust of wind,” each track reflects the nuances and details of everyday life and the lasting impressions they leave on our memories.

With its relatable themes and introspective lyrics, Huan Huan hopes the album serves as a silent companion for listeners on their daily journeys. Vocalist and guitarist Coco shares, “Someone asked if the album name was too long, but I love the imagery. It captures the feeling of time stopping and the relatable experience of wind blowing through your hair.”

The recording process was truly special for the band, mirroring the album’s inspiration from daily life. Huan Huan embraces this theme in their album artwork and promotional images, opting for a photoshoot at their usual hangouts – a local hawker, the riverside, and even a bandmate’s room. These locations symbolize the band’s everyday lives, making the entire photoshoot feel like an extension of their daily routine.

Following the album’s release in October 2023, Huan Huan embarked on a mini-tour across Taiwan, with a stop in Okinawa. They will return to Taipei this month before heading to Kaohsiung in March.

With their heartfelt music, relatable themes, and unique sound, Huan Huan is poised to be a major force in the Taiwanese indie scene. Check out their album “When The Wind Came Across” and join their journey of self-discovery.


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