Are You Ready for ‘The Other Festival’? Here Is the Line-Up

It is only a few days to go until The Other Festival 2022! The festival under Double Deer Experience will come to M Bloc Space on June 24-25, 2022. After gradually announcing the line-up and opening the ticket sales, The Other Festival now presents the full rundown that we can enjoy later on the day of the event.

Many bands and singers will light up the event, they are  .Feast, Kelompok Penerbang Roket, The Panturas, Sajama Cut, Vierratale, Anda Perdana, Bilal Indrajaya, Jon Kastella, and Oslo Ibrahim.

Not only bands and singers, The Other Festival will give us the performance of established acts and emerging acts from Adinda, Alishar, Duara, Fleur!, Gold Plate Pipers, Hursa, Kurosuke, Mad Madmen, Mantra Vutura, Martials/, Perunggu, RL Klav, Satu Per Empat, and Tender Shoots. 

To enliven the event more, there will also be some DJ performances from Diskoria, Anja, Namoy Budaya, Perky Club, and Studiomaja. In addition to that, there will be a karaoke session in Emo Night by 630Recs & Sobat Indi3 and a talk show session in Adu Domba by Studiodarma segment.

The Other Festival 2022 ticket is already available on and on the day of the event. 


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