Maggie Lindemann Shared New Single ‘break me! (ft. siiickbrain)’

After releasing ‘how could you do this to me (ft. Sleeping With Sirens’ kellin Quinn)’ just a few weeks ago, Maggie dropped a new collaborative single entitled ‘break me!’ featuring siiickbrain. The song is from Maggie’s upcoming album ‘SUCKERPUNCH’ that will be out this year. 

The music video was directed by siiickbrain and showed a chaotic, industrial-tinged side that explored the feelings of ‘fear and adrenaline’ vs ‘the calmness and peace’ coming with being in a twilight state, whether it’s due to drugs, alcohol, or love. “The video is meant to convey the juxtaposition of the two – one moment you’re euphoric and the next you feel like you’re broken, suffocating and your heart is decaying,” said Maggie. 

‘Break me!’ was about being intoxicated. The song gave us the rush of fear and adrenaline as well as calmness and peace. Maggie announced a website containing special contents, such as liner notes from Magie, BTS videos, song demos, release dates, music video trailers, etc. the website was under the concept of an American horror film, SAW. 

Has been releasing music since 2015, Maggie Lindemann got more that a billion streams. Maggie’s sound altered after the enormously successful track “Pretty Girl” was released in 2017, aligning with her own musical inspirations and motivating a generation of young women searching for their own voices, all while displaying her uncensored and uncompromising approach.

At 23 years old, Maggie has discovered her own voice as a musician and poured a sharp dose of sensitivity and honesty into her new writing about concerns, obsessions, and insecurities. Maggie unashamedly spearheads a generational movement of defying limits and societal expectations in her new collection of songs featured on SUCKERPUNCH, which continues where PARANOIA left off.


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