Cinta Laura Invites Us to Be Strong Through “It’s You”

After releasing “Suka Kamu” on May 13 and “Oh Baby Remix” on May 20, Cinta Laura released a third single entitled “It’s You” that will be her release under Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia in 2022. The song is the continuation of “Suka Kamu” which tells us about a broken relationship that leads to parting. 

The song was written by Eka Gustiwana and Michelle. Kamga also added some lyrics to the song. (Alprazolam) Bringing pop RnB, Cinta felt that “It’s You’ did not give her any difficulties because she often listens to the genre and pays attention to the vocal details. “It’s You” contains a strong bass element in it. 

She was optimistic that the music video of this song will carry something new for her fans. “We only play in one set, but with different colors to portray the feelings existing, like anger, sadness, and strength,” said Cinta Laura.


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