Are You Still Drinking These 5 Drinks During Extreme Heat? You Might Regret It

Extremely hot weather has hit most parts of Indonesia. Even the Jabodetabek area can reach 37 degrees Celsius. To prevent dehydration and unwanted conditions during extreme heat, Ministry of Health spokesperson Mohammad Syahril recommends drinking plenty of water and not waiting to be thirsty. He also recommends avoiding caffeinated drinks, sugary drinks, and drinks containing milk. 

5 drinks to avoid during extreme heat:

1. Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee are certainly considered the most refreshing drinks in hot weather. But these caffeinated drinks have a strong diuretic effect. This means that they naturally help remove water from the body. The diuretic properties can assist the kidneys in getting rid of excess water, thereby lowering blood pressure. However, as temperatures soar, we must store as much water as possible. Therefore, over-reliance on drinks like coffee can lead to dehydration. 

2. Sweet Drink

It’s refreshing to grab a sweet drink from the fridge. However, sugary drinks such as sodas and fruit juices can cause dehydration and increase blood sugar levels which can make you feel even thirstier. 

3. Cold Drinks

Drinking cold drinks in hot weather is not recommended. According to Muzal Kadim, Chair of the IDAI Gastro Hepatology Coordination Working Group, cold water is feared to trigger acute respiratory infections. Also, if you drink cold water after overheating, your body will not feel refreshed but will feel thirstier.

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4. Hot Drinks

Similar to cold water, Muzar also said that drinking hot drinks is not recommended on a hot day. It is because if you drink hot drinks in hot weather, it will be difficult to reduce body temperature and the body still feels very hot. 

5. Dairy-based Drinks

Milk and other dairy products are difficult to digest in hot weather, causing discomfort and indigestion. These dairy products can also cause dehydration if consumed in large quantities. 

Those are some drinks to avoid in hot weather. It is better to choose mineral water at a normal temperature to relieve thirst and refresh during hot weather. 

Source: cnn Indonesia

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