Arema FC Won Piala Presiden 2022

After playing a draw match with Borneo FC in the second leg, Arema FC finally won the match with aggregate score 1-0 over Borneo FC, allowing Arema FC to win Piala Presiden 2022. The Final match was conducted in Stadion Segiri on July 17th, 2022. 

In the first leg, Borneo FC had several chances to score against Arema FC’s, yet it seemed that Borneo FC failed to do it. Kei Hirose’s shooting in the 23rd minute also could not rock Arema FC. In the second leg, Borneo FC seemed to push Arema FC, but still they were not able to break into Maringas defense. 

Arema FC played simply by choosing to do a clean sweep rather than taking a big risk of conceding. Meanwhile, Borneo FC’s strike seemed visible to Arema FC so that Arema could manage all goal attempts done by Borneo FC. 

In the 89th minute Arema and Borneo FC’s players fought in the fields when Sergio Silva was tackled by Andy, while on the touchline coach Eduardo Almeida also clashed with Milomir Seslija.

With a missed kick by Agung Prasetyo in 90+8th minute Borneo FC had no goal in this leg, allowing Arema FC to win Piala Presiden 2022 with aggregate score 1-0 over Borneo FC. Arema winning this year became their 3rd win in Piala Presiden. They won in 2017 against Borneo FC and in 2019 against Persebaya Surabaya. Congratulations, Arema FC!

Arema FC played with a structure of Adilson Maringga; Johan Alfarizi, Bagas Adi, Sergio Silva,Dendi Santoso, Renshi Yamaguchi, Rizki Dwi, Jayus Hariono, Gian Zola, Abel Camara, Adam Alis. Meanwhile, Borneo FC with Angga Saputro, Diego Michiels, Agung Prasetyo, Javlon Guseynov; Leo Guntara, Hendro Siswanto, Jonathan Bustos, Kei Hirose, Terens Puhiri, Stefano Lilipaly, Matheus Santos. 


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