Kira Explain Love in Different POV in “Tokoh Utama”

Kira released a new single entitled “Tokoh Utama”, telling about two different points of you of love, one of them was still stuck in their past. 

“Because this song brings love in 2 sides, I want to portray a man who tries to believe in building a new relationship with a new lover. But, the fact is, he has not moved on from his past yet,” explained Faizal as the songwriter for this song.

This song will have 2 versions of lyrics which are English and Indonesian. “I take part in writing the Indonesian version. I’m on the other side, becoming a woman who sincerely accompanies him to pass his journey, helps and encourages him that he can let go of the past,” added Savira. 

The song production was done by Faizal Permana as songwriter and lyrics writer, Savora Razak as lyrics writer, and Ichal Tofandy as producer. Kira is a Jakarta-based pop duo, with Savira Razak as vocalist and Faizal Permana as vocalist and guitarist. The band was established in May 2022. 

Savira Razak was a former vocalist for the band “Killing Me Inside” from 2014 to 2017. Faizal Permana is now a star for indie music lovers in Indonesia because of his collaboration performance and his great vocals. This duo was established because both members have the same vision and music genre.


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