Assia Keva Represents Her Affection For Loved Ones In “There’s Nothing Else”

Assia Keva’s expertise in pouring feelings into song lyrics is demonstrated through her fourth single entitled “There’s Nothing Else”. This single is inspired by moments spent with precious people.

“There’s Nothing Else“ makes a strong impression on listeners. In this song, Assia Keva tells about her feelings, namely love and happiness that you get from the closest people who are loved not only by your partner but also as family and friends. For Assia, going through simple moments feels very special when done with those who are loved.

This new single is the result of bold exploration. The singer from Bali challenged herself to get out of her comfort zone singing with the belting technique. Through this single, Assia Keva evolves and dares to explore in order to produce works that are fresh and loved by her listeners. (

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The song produced by Kanhaiya, Bam George and Gede Yudis, features musical arrangements that are easy for everyone to hear. Through the lyrics written by Assia Keva with Lyta Lautner, he was able to translate his feelings into a masterpiece. With a beautiful mix, Assia Keva illustrates that the people involved in making this single have great talent.

This song is expected to be a reminder of affection and loyalty to loved ones and can accompany the daily activities of listeners. The single “There’s Nothing Else” can be heard on various streaming music services

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