Assia Keva is Back Happier and Healthier in “Only You”

Assia Keva came back with a new single “Only You” after releasing her debut in July 2022 entitled “Goodbye”. She released an RnB song with more personal lyrics yet still has her vocal characteristics. However, this new release is different because the theme is a healthier and happier relationship, compared to “Goodbye”.

“Only You” is made by Keva herself. In the making, she tried to bury her broken heart from her previous single “Goodbye” and to push herself to recall a good relationship before “Goodbye”. It made “Only You” to be more emotional for Keva because it is still related to “Goodbye”.

“Only You” is about a new boy who helps Keva to be a positive person because her previous relationship destroyed and hurt her. In this song, she finally realizes how love should be. Everything becomes positive and optimistic after getting out of misery in “Goodbye”. 

Soulfood’s Kanhaiya and Bam George became the producers for this song. Meanwhile, Keva was the songwriter and Soulfood’s Lyta Lautner was the co-songwriter. They have made this song since the beginning of 2022 together with several songs released this year and next year. 

Keva shared that she felt uneasy because some people said that her songs were not suitable for Indonesia’s music market. She was also afraid that people could not accept her songs because her songs were different to the majority songs that people in Indonesia listened to.

However, she tries to always be honest with herself because in the end, we can’t satisfy everyone. So, she is so grateful and thankful for everyone who appreciates her songs. 

With “Only You”, we can’t close our hearts because there will be a rainbow after rain. After a painful relationship, she closed her heart for a new relationship to come, and from that failed relationship, she learned more about herself. She knew how to love herself and be loved by people surrounding her. 


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