Sade Susanto Share Her Love Story in “I Love You, No Matter”

Sade Susanto came back with a mini album “Stark”, bringing “I Love You, No Matter” as the main track. “Stark” is a summary of her personal story about loving someone, being honest to herself, and about things that make her comfortable and uncomfortable. 

“Stark consists of my feelings which are translated into songs. Like “I Love You, No Matter”, produced by Heston Prasetyo, which tells us about unconditional love. How we accept people just the way they are in any condition, and vice versa. This condition could happen in family, love relationship, or friendship,” said Sade Susanto. 

Not only “I Love You, No Matter”, “Stark” mini album also contains new songs like “Stupid Love Song”, “Hell Freezes Over”, “How To Move On”, and “Maybe Baby”. There are 2 producers working in this album: Heston Prasetyo for “I Love You, No Matter”, “Stupid Love Song”, “How To Move On” and “Maybe Baby” and Rodrigo Leeroy for “Hell Freezes Over”. Together with Sade, they worked on this mini album for 2 months.

Sade Susanto chose those 2 producers because she believed that they could catch what she wanted and wrap the album into a mesmerizing work. It can be seen from each song of the mini album which has various feelings and characteristics. 

The CEO of JUNI RECORDS said, “I think it is the right time for Sade Susanto to release Stark after consistently dropping 5 singles before. Moreover, we heard that “Maybe Baby” is nominated in the AMI Awards. I hope that this mini album can be a proud masterpiece and be the big step for Sade Susanto’s career.”


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