Fatin And Ghea Share Emotion Conflict Between Friend in “Bukan Kamu”

Fatin and Ghea Indrawari announce a new single “Bukan Kamu” which tells about emotional conflict.  Soft but firm lyrics, symbolizing the steadiness of a woman’s heart are the main elements to differentiate “Bukan Kamu” from other duet songs. Moreover, this song was made with a very catchy and cheerful sound from bubblegum pop production. 

“Bukan Kamu” was created directly by Fatin, Ghea Indrawari, and songwriter-producer Nadya Fatira, who has also worked on Fatin’s previous works such as “Pelangi Dan Hujan” and “Jingga”.

“I love it to do a project with my own friend,” said Fatin. “It is easy to have a conversation with Ghea to look for solutions, not only that Ghea really knows what she wants in terms of vocals. In my opinion, Ghea has a cute and unique vocal” Fatin continues. 

Fatin also elaborates that “the Boys is Mine” inspired her to make a duet with Ghea but the emotional conflict in “Bukan Kamu” will be softer. On the other hand, Ghea says that creating “Bukan Kamu” with Fatin and Nadya Fatira is a new experience for her as a musician. “This is my first time making a duet song. Mostly, i need to be alone and concentrate to find the right mood.” Ghea explained.

Ghea hopes that “Bukan Kamu” could relate to teenagers nowadays. “There are so many friends out there that have the same type of man. although they are friends they still need to compete” Ghea explained. Nadya Fatira, the producer, summarizes “Bukan Kamu” as a unique duet. “This is a collaboration between two singers that has unique vocals. Moreover, Ghea and Fatin have high musicality as songwriters. Their hard work is very visible,” concluded Nadya. 


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