Aston Inn Batu Stimulate Children’s Creative Sensors through the Kids Fun Mixology

After successfully holding the kids cooking class, Aston Inn Batu carried out the Kids Fun Mixology which provided education and creativity spaces to children on September 18, 2022. 

The age of 4 to 6 years is the golden age to stimulate children’s creative sensors which widen taste, color and artistic sensors. Mixology is considered appropriate to develop children’s creativity by processing various beverage ingredients and toppings into 1 unit.

Aston Inn Batu with its swimming pool on the 2nd floor became the place for Kids Fun Mixology. Children were enthusiastic because many gifts were shared by party clowns in the middle of the events. Parents also attended the event and they were excited to encourage their children. 

The Kids Fun Mixology is much anticipated later since the participants can get food, certificates, coffee breaks and free swimming by spending IDR 75.000,- only.

“Developing children’s creativity is the mission of this event. Therefore, we and the team will make more events that promote and manage children‘s creativity in the future,” said Ryan Ristanto, the Food Beverage Captain.

About Aston Inn Batu

Located in the tourist area of ​​Batu, ASTON Inn Batu is close to popular tourist attractions such as Museum Angkut and Jatim Park 1. This hotel is perfect for spending time and relaxing in the cool mountain air since it is surrounded by several mountains. For detailed information, go check on the website.


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