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Astri’s Journey: ‘Someday Somewhere Someplace Somehow’

Bingkai KaryaRahmania Astrini, a singer and songwriter hailing from Jakarta, has recently unveiled her latest English track titled ‘Someday Somewhere Someplace Somehow.’ This song reflects Rahmania Astrini’s optimistic perspective on her life journey and growth. Infused with pop R&B beats and uplifting vibes, the track showcases a positive outlook.

Astri, expressing the inspiration behind the song, shared that it stemmed from her personal experiences of grappling with fear and hesitation in moving forward. She acknowledged herself as her own primary obstacle but expressed a desire to gradually rediscover enthusiasm and courage as the year came to a close, as stated in a press release on November 10, 2023.

Collaborating with Mikha Angelo, who served as the producer, Rahmania Astrini co-created the 4:22-minute song, presenting it with her melodious voice and optimistic lyrics. Notably, the song features segments where Astri’s friends contribute vocals. She dedicated ‘Someday Somewhere Someplace Somehow’ to her fans, recognizing their unwavering support throughout her musical journey. Astri conveyed gratitude, acknowledging that her path may not be easy but expressing strength derived from her supporters.

This track is set to be part of Astri’s debut album scheduled for release next year. ‘Someday Somewhere Someplace Somehow’ is now available on various digital streaming platforms in Indonesia, accompanied by an official music video accessible on Rahmania Astrini’s YouTube channel.


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