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Melodic Reverie: Benson Boone’s Soul-Stirring Journey with ‘To Love Someone’

Emerging pop sensation Benson Boone has unveiled a poignant new track titled “To Love Someone,” marking his latest release through Night Street Records and Warner Records. This heartfelt single comes on the heels of Benson Boone being crowned MTV Global Push Artist in October, just a month prior. Following his PULSE EP earlier in the year, featuring standout tracks like “What Was,” “Little Runaway,” and “Sugar Sweet,” “To Love Someone” stands as Boone’s newest musical offering.

In celebration of this release, Benson Boone embarked on a highly successful headlining tour across North America and Europe. The EP kicks off with his 2022 piano ballads “Before You” and “Walk Me Home,” housing hits such as “GHOST TOWN.” Notably, Benson Boone secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and achieved Top 25 status on Top 40 and Hot AC radio with these tracks. “GHOST TOWN” marked his inaugural RIAA-certified gold record, followed by “In the Stars,” which has now attained platinum certification.

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Benson Boone’s journey began when he was discovered by Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds. Accumulating over 1.7 billion global streams, Boone has earned accolades from Billboard for his “very restrained vocals” and has been hailed by Consequence as an “exciting new voice.” With “To Love Someone,” Benson Boone continues to push boundaries, embracing nostalgic and bittersweet imagery while delivering a melody that is bound to resonate and have audiences singing along.


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