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Audi Kirana Struggles with Self-Comparison in “Great Like You”

After releasing “Perfect”, Audi Kirana dropped her second single “Great Like You”. Written by herself, the song still carries the rock genre.

In the process of creating this song, Audi entrusted her mother, Feni Rose, as the executive producer. Daniel Clift Papilaya also assisted Audi as a composer, arranger, and a producer with Richard Benhard. (

The song is about someone who strives to be the best based on the standards of others, eventually losing their sense of self. Audi admitted that it was also based on her experience.

“This story is based on my experience hearing a friend accomplish something extraordinary at a similar age to mine. That made me think I wanted to be ‘great like them,’” Audi explained.

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Audi hoped the song would be relatable for those who struggled with self-comparison. “We shouldn’t try to compare ourselves to what others have accomplished. We should strive to find something that makes us great without losing ourselves by trying to be someone else,” she revealed the message.

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